Uploading your website

Once you've got your website ready, you can upload it onto our servers.

Despite the fact that you will not be able to access your domain via its name immediately after signing up, you can already start uploading your files onto the server. Once your domain name starts pointing to our servers, your site can already be set to go. Below are step by step instructions on how to FTP your files.


  1. Run your favourite FTP program (if you don't already have one, we recommend AceFTP)
  1. In the FTP program, set the FTP Host (the box labelled Host: in AceFTP) to ftp.yourdomain.co.nz. Alternatively, if your domain name has not yet resolved you can set it to ftp.yourdomain.ignitehosting.biz.


  1. Type in your username (the box labelled ID: in AceFTP) and password (the box labelled P/W: in AceFTP). Your username and password can be found in your Welcome email.
  1. Click the connect button or just push Enter. Some FTP programs may ask for a directory path or something similar, you should be able to just leave this blank or enter just "/".


  1. In most FTP programs, you should see the files/directories on your computer in one window and the files/directories associated with your account on ther server in another window. In AceFTP, the files on your computers are on the left and the files on the server are on the right.
  1. In the server window, you should open the "public_html" folder. This is where all files that you wish to be made visible on your website should be uploaded.


  1. Upload your files to the server by dragging them from your computer onto the server. Be sure that you have created a file called "index.html" or "index.htm". This file is your home page and will be viewed by default at your website (i.e. when you got ot http://www.yourdomain.co.nz/ in your web browser). Also be sure all letters are lowercase (for example Index.html is not the same as index.html). If the public_html directory does not contain a file named index.html or index.htm, a directory listing of your files will appear on your website by default.
  1. Until your domain name has fully resolved, you can access your webpages at http://yourdomain.ignitehosting.biz




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