What do .net, .org, .us, .biz, or .info mean?
When you select a domain name, you can choose from several different extensions. These extensions can help indicate the type of business or service you are providing online or your geographical location. Different extensions may also have different domain names available in inventory. For example, newer extensions such as .biz may have more available names than the more mature .com extension.


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Once upon a time, there were essentially just a handful of different domain name extensions to choose from. (A domain name extension is the topmost part of the domain name under which all domains are registered, such as .com or .co.uk)

On the international front, the choice used to between .com for commercial organizations, .net for network services such as ISPs and .org for non-profit organizations.

On a country by country basis, many countries offered domains based on the two-character ISO country codes, such as ".nz" for New Zealand, ".jp" for Japan and so on.

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